a mysterious group of figures find each other in the woods - they unite in dance and, as evening falls, reveal their true identities

the film explores the idea of crowds and group dynamics from within and without. It subverts the judgement we as onlookers make on large groups, be they teenagers, refugees or strangers by revealing more more about them - the unmasking at the end shows the gangs young age in contrast to the movement that precedes it, surprising the audience and forcing them to draw their own conclusions about the origin of the group

written and directed by Emma Miranda Moore

DP Charles Mori

production There You Are

*WINNER Outstanding Choreography/Performance, Light Moves Festival of Screendance

*Official Selection ASFF (UK)

*Official Selection FFS Festival (Sydney, Australia)

*Official Selection Hamilton Film Festival (Ontario, Canada)

*Official Selection Kerry Film Festival (Ireland)

*Official Selection Leiden International Film Experience (Netherlands)

*Official Selection Light Moves Festival of Screendance (Limerick, Ireland)

*Official Selection Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema (Colorado, USA)

*Official Selection Screendance Festival (Stockholm, Sweden)

*Official Selection Underwire Film Festival (UK)

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