Emma Miranda Moore tells stories using photography and film. Fine art trained she shoots editorial and collaborates directly with brands to make moving and still images. 

All her work is concerned with pulling the viewer into a specific time and place and conveying the emotion of that moment. She works with actors and dancers as well as models to communicate her vision. 

“A natural art director” Caroline Baxter, Exec Fashion Ed, Cosmopolitan 

“One of the nicest photographers out there” Tori, Fashion Editor, Company 

“I love her writing” Maria Yacoob, choreographer and journalist 

Starting her career shooting portraits for The Face under Richard Benson she has shot main fashion for titles including Elle, Red, Cosmopolitan (UK and international editions) and New Woman. Recent online collaborators include Boys by Girls and Disneyrollergirl and she has worked on special projects with brands including Dior. 

Her film work includes two festival shorts, PERF and Optimism, both written and directed by her, plus a variety of fashion film produced by There You Are. Constantly looking for new ways of using her chosen mediums to create exciting work Emma is inspired by music, film, theatre and dance and enjoys working collaboratively. 

Em lives in East London with three beautiful men, she occasionally tweets here and instagrams here.

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